Crypto-jacking: What Is It?


A lot of criminals have been making use of ransomware like tactics, and they have also been using poisoned websites to get into the computers of a lot of employees of important companies. They have been doing so to mine cryptocurrency. In this guide, I’m going to be talking about crypto-jacking and how you can stop it.

Let me start off by telling you what exactly crypto-jacking is. Crypto-jacking is an unauthorised use of someone else’s computer in order to mine or steal cryptocurrency. Hackers make use of this method by either getting the victim to click on a malicious link in an email which starts loading crypto mining code on the computer or even by infecting a website or an online advertisement with the help of JavaScript code which would then auto-execute once it is loaded into the victim’s browser. This is definitely some serious hacker stuff.


Either way, crypto mining code works in the background as the victim who is unsuspecting makes use of their computer in a normal way. The only sign that they may notice is that the computer would be slowed down and it would lag in performance.
Hackers make use of two primary ways to get into a victim’s computer to secretly and securely mine cryptocurrency. The first one would be to trick the victims into clicking on a crypto mining code on the computer. That is why, you should never click on links that are suspicious.

The second method would be to inject a prescription on a website or even an advertisement which is delivered to a lot of websites. Once the victim clicks on the website link, or even if they click on the infected advertisement, the script automatically starts executing the mining. No code is actually stored on the computer of the victim.

Hackers usually make use of both methods in order to maximise their return. They use old malware tricks to deliver away more reliable and persistent software. Some crypto mining software is have all kinds of warming capabilities that allow them to infect other devices and servers on a similar network. It also makes them harder to find and properly remove.

crypto mining software

Maintaining persistence on a network is a really good financial interest for a crypto jacker.

If you want to prevent crypto-jacking, and if you don’t want to fall prey to such a malicious act, you should incorporate the threat into your security awareness training and focus on being secure. Training will definitely protect you. Make use of ad-blocking software, and you should also never click on suspicious links which have been mailed to you.
Make sure you have a good anti-virus and anti-malware software as well.


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